Life Is What You Make Of It

What is the meaning of life?  Sh*t, I really don’t have a definite answer for you. But since this question has come up around me a lot recently I decided to tackle it and I came up with this.


Then how do I try to do that? Based on what I know, I can say this for sure.

  1. I live with a purpose, most of the time at leat. I have been known to wander from time to time and see where life takes me, well, that hasn’t gotten me very far although it has been a journey. The moment I finally set my eyes on what I want and work towards that is when I find myself really accomplishing more than I even realize I can accomplish.  It is like in a tribe, where everyone has a job, what do you want yours to be? Storyteller, hunter, trader, child bearer, etc. Or all of those.  Once you decide your role or purpose, then the impact you can have on the world is greater.
  2. I connect with others.  I can keep to myself and go along my business getting things done everyday.  But the moments when I reach out and talk to those around me, that is when my day is made better.  Whether it be about sharing your thoughts about what color the linoleum on the ceiling of that rat cage should be, or a conversation such as this, about life.  Even getting together for some games, whether it be football or Jumanji.  People are naturally supposed to want to be around other people.

    As we get older, there is less time, but think back to when you were a kid.  You loved playing with others even if it meant that you didn’t get along.  And if you didn’t like playing with others, I do not doubt for one second that you had an imaginary friend or stuffed animal who you played with all the time.  Its about building relationships and sharing. Wow, I really am starting to sounds like a hippie.

  3. I’m always learning.  I’m not talking about being in a University my whole life.  I’m saying that there is so much knowledge and information out there for us to take in, so if we are capable, why not?  Now I’m not saying that you should spend your time memorizing the encyclopedia, but if that is part of your purpose (#1) then why not.  I am talking about keeping up with the latest in your field.  For some it may be tech news, for others it may be the newest version of Mac lipglass.  It is so important to always continue learning and advancing.  After all, how would we have gotten to where we are now without those who were always learning before us.
  4. I keep an open mind.  Instead of disagreeing with someone, I prefer to question their thoughts.  There may just be something I do not know yet or understand and maybe they can help.  So I don’t right off the bat disapprove an idea or opinion, I ask why.  By keeping an open mind, I am able to connect with others on deeper level.  I am also able to understand a lot more concepts and things than otherwise.  Albert Einstein Jr might be sitting next to you, but because you are not open minded, you may miss out on the opportunity to learn from him.  I’m sure he is open minded enough to humor me.  : )

These are just four ways to make my life what I want.  They make sense to me and I hope they also do to you.  In bringing them all together, I feel like there is a commonality between them and I’ll put it to you this way:  When keeping an open mind one is able to connect with others, while always learning and coming together for a greater purpose, and this is part of the meaning of life.

Ok, all set now, this time I hope I don’t accidentally delete the whole thing! Anyway, here is a TED talk from Michael Norton about how money can buy you happiness, it just isn’t in the way you would think.  Goes along with purpose in a way.  Make of it what you will, let me know what you think, and enjoy!

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