Perspective Realites

Our perspective realities.

As we walk through the store, the restaurant, or other public places we encounter so many people. Sometimes we choose to connect with them and other times we choose to engage with ourselves.

There is so much that goes on around us on our day to day.  From waking up and getting our world started, to interacting with everyone around us.  We all choose to embrace it in different ways and my question is: How do we deal with all of it?

Everyone has a story behind how they choose to interact with others.  It has to do with circumstances and situations from our past that lead us into that moment.

More than once, I have dealt with customers, that no matter how hard we all tried to understand them, we all came to the conclusion that they did not make sense. Now, in my mind, I reflect back to this and think of their perspective reality.

Obviously, their way of thinking is not in tune with the world around them.

Their understanding does not generate the outcome witch they desire.

Others around them choose not to engage fully in the individual’s personal perspective reality.

So, what is the conclusion to all of this?

If we want to continue to live in a society that grows together and thrives, we must reflect and move forward.  Learning from moments and situations such as this, only make us better people.

Maybe next time you will be the one which is misunderstood.

If you would like to know more about what others are saying about perspective reality, here are some links.

From the Science Forum:
Mr. Focus wrote this.

KentHealy on YouTube put this video together:

Lastly, in the news Perspective Reality through a child’s eyes:

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Facebook for Brands Part 2

Lets briefly layout the points of the last post Facebook for Brands Part 1.

We went over set up, visual branding, and basics of content creation.  Now, to get into a bit more detail, I want to share a few more tips and tricks.

As if there wasn’t enough to learn already! Ugh! Well we want to be effective don’t we?

After you have set up your page and you are ready to share it with the Facebook world, what next?
You have to have a plan as to what it is you want to put out there.

Yes, something great will catch the attention of many and will grow with time.  However, with so much noise, so many adds, and so many different things to follow, having a plan will lead you in the right direction.  This takes time, so don’t give up if you don’t get the results you want the first time. Here are the next three steps that are sure to help.

1. Story Telling
Everyone loves a good story.  A thought out dramatic novel, movie, or ridiculously funny comedy show. We all like to be entertained.
Whether it be pictures, videos, or simple words, we need to be able to tell a story.  We need to build on that story, and keep it going. Look at Redbull on Facebook.  They have videos and pictures to show for themselves. Now it is your turn. Build and tell your story.

2. Strategy
After you have set up your page and you are ready to share it with the Facebook world, what next?
You have to have a plan as to what it is you want to put out there.
Whether it is a rough draft or a REAL plan, it is a good start. Think interrogative pronouns. Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

So, Who is your audience? What is your brand message? Where is your audience? When is the best time to reach them? Why are you doing this? How often will you be online?
Pam Moore knows a thing or too, or a lot on strategy.  Refer to her recent post, Social Media for Business: You Must Know Your Audience.
She talks about similar points!

3. Engagement
Now that you have set up what you will provide for others you must engage. What is the point of social media being social without you taking the time to do it.  After you know your audience, then you know what they like, where are they are on Facebook, and what they will listen too.
Engage with those pages.
Like, and comment on feeds.
There are real conversations going on out there about your brand is about so like Nike would say, just do it!

Now that you know how to create and manage a Facebook page, go on and do it.  Remember too that this can also be applied to other social media sites.  Have fun Facebooking, and any questions or comments, let me know.

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Facebook for Brands Part One

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

Oh Facebook and all its glory.

With so many people now on the ever growing social media site, if you don’t have a profile of some sort you are officially in the stone age.  Might as well embrace it. With that said, if you are a company or an individual looking to promote your passion, how do you leverage it?

Starting at the very beginning, Set up:
Are you going to create a personal page or a business page?
According to Facebook pages policy, it depends on what you are looking to promote.  If it is yourself, keeping your personal page public will do.  You may be able to leverage this more than a business page anyway, due to certain algorithms put in place when it comes to the amount of people you can reach with your posts on a business page without paying for promotion or advertising.  However, if you do have a business and try to use a personal page, Facebook does have ways of figuring that out as well, and they will shut you down.
For business pages there are ways that your users can keep you at the top of their feeds by either viewing feeds only from the pages they have liked and by engaging with your page.  The more interaction between you and your friends or fans, the more your content will be put at the top of their news feeds as well.  Also, the benefit from a business page is that you are able to track how many people you are reaching with Facebook Insights.

Tips when creating your page:
Have a clear message of what you stand for as your cover photo and a consistent profile picture are essential for people to recognize who you are.  People who agree with this message will be more likely to follow through with engagement and looking through content, as well as like your page and continue to promote you.  These are two examples of clearly laid out pages.

Children’s book author Marcus St. Marcus has his brand message clearly written on his page along with a photo representing it.  His profile picture is also professional and consistent, representing the brand clearly.

Other brands like YouTube also keep a clear message on their Facebook page.

Through the set up process there will be other details to fill out from location, email preferences, phone number.  It is up to you how you want the people to be able to contact you, so remember that everyone and anyone who is on Facebook will have access to your page. Precise and consistent information is important and essential.

Content Creation
Once you have gone through putting your Facebook information together, you will want to add content before you begin to promote your page.  This way, the first time that someone lands on your page, they can look through what you have to share.

So what types of content can you put on your page?
-Updates of past and upcoming events
-Sharing other people’s posts

*Rememeber it is important to make sure the content is connected with what your message is and what you stand for.

This is part one, part two will explain more.  In the mean time check out @TheDSilva on Twitter for more social media and marketing updates.

Happy FBing!



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Online Connect Get Real

The online world has been popular now for how long?
Long enough for us to understand enough so that we can get a grasp on it.  Ok fine, our grandparents may not all want to be a part of it, but you get what I’m saying.

Oh and the catch…

The truth is, we are communicating faster and more effectively than ever.  Think of Twitter and what it does with amazing headlines. A more recent example is Sandy, not only were people Tweeting, despite power outages, they were also making videos and sharing with everyone in the world, what it is that happened.  To top it off, not even two months later, there were a videos  made faster than ever which covered a lot of the hurricane through people’s phones and personal cameras. This is just one example:

Yes, we can stay and get connected faster than ever, so reach out!

Some of those who come into this  may think, “Ok this is weird, I don’t get to see the person or who they really are.”  What I say to that is that you didn’t know your wife or husband before you made them a part of your family, so take a chance. Those who have grown up with the internet, well maybe we just don’t know any better.  Either way, the relationships that are being built have potential to be amazing, and real.  E Harmony is a great example, and their new way of connecting people not only for love but for business proves this.

Now for some psychology! We all naturally want to be connected with one another because that is how we make things happen. Think back to intention.  We find ways to communicate, share ideas, learn from one another, and grow.  While social media may be a different and digital way to stay connected, it does work.  We have seen how first MySpace, and now Facebook how dominated and changed the way we communicate with others.  The reality is that we all need to adapt to the fact that the face to face touch and feel is no longer the norm.  Our offspring are going to build relationships and connect with others via the social networks. Whatever we want to say and who we are is going to candidly be shared and visible to whoever is curious enough to click on and find out more about us.  So while this interaction may not be what we are used to, it is more of a mental connection being made.  Just think of your different subscriptions to the daily newspaper and/or RSS feeds.

In the end, we have to adapt, and with technology, this will happen faster and more efficiently than ever.  So, lets continue to share the different things that we are passionate about on this internet. Those connections will be made in a different but great sense.

Since most people are now more likely to watch a video than read what I have to say, here is this enlightening video (you still have to read a bit, its just more entertaining). XO


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Intending Intention

Going into this new year I have had the word intention in the back of my mind.  There is something to be said about our personal intentions, our intentions for others, and their intentions. The different ways we handle situations and look to make things work always can be said to go back to this.

Our true intentions sometimes get lost in translation when we go out to do what we do because other’s intentions become part of our original ones through the process of making things happen.  We sometimes loose sight of what we really intend because of emotions, distractions, other more dominant intentions, or carelessness. That being said, this can become more complicated than intend for it to be.  (Get it, lol) With a strong resolution for what we really intend, we can keep our true intentions in sight.  intention

Also, others intentions can become a driving force for things to happen.  After all, working together has made great intentions true.  Just think of what has been built around us, from the chair you may be sitting in, to the town you are a part of.  Intentions combined make this world work the way it does.  

The truth is, without intention, we do not do.  It is a driving force for accomplishment.  Intention is a key to unlock the doors which we have yet to open. 

It is a huge part in how we make things true and real in our lives.  So going into this new year, whether you believe in new years resolutions or not, what are your intentions? What can you do with your intentions and others intentions to make a positive change in your life and others lives?  

I am still figuring it out, but I can live with intention or I can just do.  Its our personal choice.  

I came across this video in which Jim Carey gives some insight on intention and his perspective on it.  Makes you think. : )


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2 Minute Marketing

Reaching others in this day and age is now more difficult than ever.  People will now shut off and out what they no longer want to hear because it is easier than ever to just surround ourselves with the news and information we choose. All of this, thanks to the internet and our ability to access it all of the time.  So let’s say you do get someone’s attention. Unless you do something that is dramatically going to catch their interest, their minds will wander very quickly. Thinking on our feet will help us reach others, so here is a little something I put together for other marketers to keep in mind when they are looking to put out good content.

We have 2 minutes, TOPS.

What are you doing to get attention?
We will tell our story and relate it to you.
We will make you laugh, smile, and cry.
We will compare ourselves to those who are better than us and worse.

How are we going to do that?
We are going to give you the most up to date and most relevant facts.
We will scare you with the latest statistic that someone else knows from that one person who knows about from that one expert.
We are going to… Oh shoot, my time is running out.

How will we get you to spread our message?
We will ask quickly and effectively.
We will give heartfelt incentives.
We will give no other choice.

All of this is done because you know you agree with me already.  : )

Here are some a great examples!

The NBA leverages the Holidays  with a jingle using some of their top athletes and their talent to make music.

We can learn from other top viral videos from 2012 and their properties as well.  Like these:


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Learning from Greatness

Recently I had the opportunity to sit in on a conversation with Sir Richard Brandson.  We all know about Virgin Records, Virgin America, Virgin Mobile, and more recently Virgin going to outer space  He is the man behind the vision, the dream, and the change.

During his short talk with another prominent business leader, CEO of Salesforce, Marc Benioff, we all sat around and embraced their exchange in conversation about his life.  From jokes about drugs and music, to serious political views about world problems.

So what did I learn?  Well, not only did I learn a few things, others were confirmed as true.

Keep An Open Mind
Openminded people are able to take in and experience life and ideas in a different way than those who are first to judge and criticize. Sir Richard Brandson holds true to this when building Virgin Records.  His open mindedness to different music is what led in part to the success of the Rolling Stones.  Also to the coming together of Virgin America and the new  technical innovations it is now providing to its customers.
Open mindedness drives progress, which drives innovation, which is the catalyst for greater good and change.  See how that works?

Respect vs. Fear
He spoke about the way of work.  There is a lot of successful companies and people out there who have worked and become large when instilling fear in their employees and customers. Fear rules many and holds people back from accomplishing more because there comes the risk of loss or disapointment.
On the other hand, there is respect which like fear, can also drive for cetain results, however it does it with a positive twist. Respect towards others skills and abilities promotes growth by encouraging individuals and companies to promote and thrive off of those things that make them great to begin with.  The fact that he has dared to go where no other person has dared to go before with his vision of sending many people into outerspace and is making it a reality shows that he has used the abilities of those around him and respected their knowledge and expertise to drive the innovation forward.

Choose Your Cause
Sir Richard Branson talked about finding what you stand for and making something of it.  Taking a stand for what you believe in, truly embracing it and running with it is what makes so many companies and individuals great.  This includes that ridiculous vacuum cleaner that we all know isn’t necessarily worth the price or that handbag who’s real value is a mere fraction of what people value it to be.  What people have done is talked up the value of these things because they really believe in it, that is their cause. Think of the effect someone has on you who does not stop talking about how important the color green is.  Before you know it, the one thing you see about that person is the color green. Focus and passion are part of realizing your cause and what you stand for.  Sir Richard Branson emphasized how important it is to find your cause.  It is very important!

These are three examples of what can be done on our personal journey to our greatness.  They worked for him and if implemented, they can work for us as well in our own way.  Here is his TED video interview for others to learn more about this successful man.


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